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A taste of Santorini

Kopania: Barley bread rolls filled with raisins “Koufeto” (sugarplum): Boiled honey with roasted almonds. It is usually served in weddings and shop opening ceremonies.
Melitinia: Traditional Easter dessert. It is made of soft cheese, sugar and mastic. Raw haddock: Uncooked haddock, cut in small pieces. It is usually served with tomato salad.
Stuffed “birds”: Flowers of zucchini stuffed with rice. Santorinian pudding: Dessert made from semolina and milk (the pudding of the poor is made of bread and milk while that of the wealthy is made of eggs and chocolate).
Garlic pasta: Thick pasta with lots of garlic and fresh tomato. “Sfouggato”: Scrambled eggs with potatoes or zucchini. Marinated fish: Fried fish (horse mackerel or bogue) with lots of vinegar and “alismari” (rosemary).
“Psarolia”: Cooked small fish. They are dried out under the sun for several days. Usually a winter food. It is considered a good wine snack.
Tomato meat balls or “pseftokeftedes” (fake meat balls): Fried meat balls made of chard, mint, tomato, zucchini and various other greens in batter.


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